Consumer reviewers prior to January 2019

Our consumer referees improve the quality of our work by;

  • Providing a consumer perspective by commenting on the "Plain Language Summary" of the review;
  • Giving feedback on a Cochrane review prior to publication; and
  • Commenting on protocols (the road map as to how the review is to be done) to ensure that outcomes relevant to consumers are included

We would like to thank the following consumer referees for their contribution to Cochrane Airways:


Beamon, Sylvia (UK); Bhimani, Noorin (India); Choprapawon, Chanpen (Thailand); Cooper, Delia (Canada); Cunliffe, Suzanne (USA); Dabb, Russell (UK); Davolio, Federica (Italy); Evina, Christine (Cameroon);


Fairbank, Eleanor (UK); Fairbank, Jeremy (UK); Farinde, Abimbola (USA); Fathy, Amany (Egypt); Fonfa, Ann (USA); Ford, Peg (USA); Fowler, Susan (USA); Francis, Joel (Tanzania); Fulton, Olivia (UK); Grandi, Edward (USA); Gilgan, Amy (USA); Hassan, Jehad (UK); Herxheimer, Andrew (UK); Hornbeek, Linda (USA); Htay, U Hla (UK);


Klimas, Jan (Ireland); Lee, Karen (UK); Lyddiatt, Anne (Canada); Mate, Kedar (Canada); McKenzie, John (UK); Meyers, Mary (USA); Molle, Elizabeth (USA); Moller, Joan (Canada); Orifa, Nelly (Kenya);


Price, Kim (UK); Rani, Anjna (UK); Roberts, Amanda (UK); Sampaio, Franciso (Brazil); Stafford, Brian (Australia); Taggart, Richard (Australia); Tosher, Vicki (USA);


Wrangham, Theresa (USA); Zelmer, Amy (Australia);

To find out more about being a Cochrane Consumer referee, click here.