Editorial team

Chris Cates, Joint Co-ordinating Editor

Chris has been involved with Cochrane since 1996. He has been Co-ordinating Editor of the Airways Group since 2003 and has overall responsibility for the Groups' reviews and protocols. He has worked in primary care for over 20 years and has a particular interest in the application of evidence based medicine.

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Rebecca Normansell, Joint Co-ordinating Editor

Becky joined Cochrane Airways in 2012, and after being feedback editor and Depty Coordinating Editor became Joint Coordinating Editor in 2017. Becky is a qualified general practitioner and has recently completed an MSc in Public Health. Becky led a sucessful bid for an NIHR Programme Grant to complete a series of reviews in COPD and asthma.  These reviews will be completed by 2020.

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Emma Dennett, Managing Editor

Emma manages and supports everyone working with Cochrane Airways on a day-to-day basis. Emma provides authors with the support and training needed to write Cochrane Reviews and works together with editors, peer reviewers and authors to steer reviews through the editorial process. Emma joined Airways in 2009 and spent ten months writing systematic reviews on asthma and COPD interventions. Prior to that, her background was in organic chemistry and drug discovery and she has an interest in the public understanding of science and evidence.

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Elizabeth Stovold, Information Specialist

Liz is responsible for building and maintaining a register of controlled trials in the area of obstructive airways diseases. This register is published in the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) in the Cochrane Library. Liz also provides support for authors for the search methods of their reviews, and can help with obtaining papers and translations. Liz joined the Group in 2003 and has a background in information management.

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Emma Jackson, Assistant Managing Editor

Emma joined the editorial base team in April 2011 as Editorial Assistant to help with the day-to-day running of the group before becoming Assistant Managing Editor in 2017.  Emma helps authors obtain translations, manages the peer review process and works with consumers on plain language summaries.   Emma has previously held operational and administrative roles in hotels, private and charitable healthcare and financial services.

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Sadia Janjua, Systematic Reviewer

Sadia joined Airways in January 2018 as a Systematic Reviewer having worked in the same position at the National Guideline Alliance (NGA) based in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists where she worked on women’s and children’s clinical guidelines for NICE.   Sadia's PhD was based on signalling mechanisms in programmed cell death.


Susan Hansen, Handsearcher

Susan handsearches the abstracts of respiratory conferences to identify reports of trials for inclusion in the Airways Group Register. She previously worked as a research assistant/assistant information specialist for the Group.


Editorial Board

Prof Anne Chang (Brisbane, Australia)

Prof Francine Ducharme (Montreal, Canada)

Dr Mike Greenstone (Hull, UK)

A/Prof Anne Holland (Melbourne, Australia)

Mr Toby Lasserson (London, UK)

Dr Christian Osadnik (Melbourne Australia)

Prof Phillippa Poole (Auckland, New Zealand)

A/Prof Milo Puhan (Zurich, Switzerland)

Prof Brian Rowe (Edmonton, Canada)

Prof Sally Spencer (Ormskirk, UK)

Dr Wouter Van Geffen (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)

Dr Julia Walters (Hobart, Australia)

Prof Haydn Walters (Hobart, Australia)

Dr John White (York, UK)

Prof John Wright (Bradford, UK)

Prof Ian Yang (Queensland, Australia)

Associate Editors

Sean Beggs (Tasmania, Australia)

Kristin Carson-Chahhoud (Adelaide , Australia)

Katherine Pike (London, UK)

Feedback Editor

Christian Osadnik (Melbourne, Australia)

Declarations of interest

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We are grateful to all the people we work with for their hard work drafting, commenting on draft reviews and translating articles for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews.