Cochrane Airways Australia

The Cochrane Airways Australian satellite was registered in 2013 to produce Cochrane Reviews, to support review authors in Australia through mentoring and scholarships, foster knowledge translation and evidence-based clinical practice.
Many Airways Editors are based in Australia where there is an active hub of clinicians and researchers in respiratory medicine with a shared interest in Cochrane who have has worked together since 2001.


Membership of the satellite is open to all Cochrane Airways review authors in Australia.


We are partners with the Evidence-based Medicine and Practice Special interest group (SIG) of the Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand (TSANZ) and work with Lung Foundation Australia on research, clinician and patient education.

Contact us

Julia Walters
Satellite Coordinator, La Trobe University, Victoria, and University of Tasmania

  Photo of Julia Walters

Anne Holland
Professor of Physiotherapy
La Trobe University and Alfred Health Research Director, Victoria
      Photo of Anne Holland                            


Cochrane Workshops: We held a Cochrane Review workshop for authors at the TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Canberra in March 2017. Chris Cates, Airways Coordinating Editor, gave a demonstration of using GIV outcomes and the calculator in RevMan and a live demonstration of using GRADEPRO for Summary of Findings tables. Julia Walters demonstrated Covidence and authors workshopped topics from their reviews.

Future Cochrane workshops for systematic review authors on Airways topics will be held on Saturday 23rd March 2018, before the TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Adelaide South Australia.  Contact the Coordinator for more details.

Cochrane training: Training in Cochrane methods is offered to authors in Australia by Cochrane Australia, through face-to-face workshops for both new and more experienced authors and Review Completion workshops. 


Scholarships are sometimes available to fund travel/accommodation to work with a supervisor in Australia on a Cochrane Airways review, or to present their review findings at the TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting.  Scholarships are advertised on these  websites (Lung Foundation Australia and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand).

Lung Foundation Australia-Cochrane Airways Australia Scholarship 2018: AUS $2,500. Scholarship available to postgraduate students in health sciences based in Australia or New Zealand to assist with the completion, update and/or presentation of an Airways topic systematic review.

Prioritising reviews

We have undertaken an audit of the scope of physiotherapy-related interventions in conditions covered by Cochrane Airways. Topics for priority reviews and gaps in evidence were identified and input from other physiotherapists and consumers with lung diseases is being sought.


In 2017-2018, the Australian Satellite of Cochrane Airways has bridge funding from the Cochrane Governing Board, through a grant for strategic development support to Cochrane Australia.

All additional funding comes from not-for-profit health research funding agencies.