'Whole of scope' priority setting project

Cochrane Airways 'Whole of scope' prioritisation 2019/2020

Cochrane Airways has undertaken a priority setting exercise to identify the top uncertainties that fall within our scope. We developed a plan, conducted a survey, convened a stakeholder group, and used a ranking method to identify the top 12 research uncertainties in obstructive airways disease.

These uncertainties will be refined into review questions through scoping work and further discussion with our stakeholder group. Full details of the project methods and results are available here:

Top 12 uncertainties identified by Cochrane Airways Priority Setting Group (CAPSG)



Scoping work


#1Interventions to prevent asthma deaths

Overview table of existing reviews / Exploring the NRAD report / Scoping search report: adolescents / Scoping search report: ACOS / Scoping search report: MART therapy / Scoping search report: education for HCPs / Scoping search report: specialist involvement in asthma care

#2COPD evidence mapScoping search report
  • Discuss with CAPSG
#3Interventions to improve engagement/adherence to routine care for parents of children with long term respiratory conditionsOverview table of existing reviews / Scoping search report: interventions for parents/carer
  • New review needed on interventions aimed at parents/carers of children with asthma
#4Interventions to improve engagement with self-management and education for people with IPFScoping search report: self-management
  • Evidence gap - Cochrane review not appropriate at this stage
  •  Revisit topic in 3-5years
#5Personalized/ targeted therapies for ILD guided by genotype or phenotype-
  • Evidence gap - Cochrane review not appropriate at this stage
  •  Revisit topic in 3-5years
#6Evidence map of interventions to prevent asthma (e.g. vitamin D, allergen exposure, childhood exposure to air pollution etc.)Scoping search report: asthma prevention
#7Care pathways to improve access to specialist respiratory servicesOverview table of existing reviews
  • Discuss with CAPSG
#8=Interventions for difficult to treat non-atopic asthmaOverview table of existing reviews
#8=Interventions to prevent or cure IPF-
  • Evidence gap - Cochrane review not appropriate at this stage
  • Priority treatment review needed: 'antifibrotics for people with IPF'
#10=Improving access to routine reviews for respiratory conditions for adults and children with mental health problems and learning disabilityScoping search report (pending)
  • Discuss with other relevant Cochrane Review Groups
#10=Interventions to help health care professionals identify at-risk patients with asthma/other long-term respiratory conditionsScoping search report: at-risk patients
  • One study complete, one ongoing
  • New review needed on identifying at-risk patients when the ongoing study is complete. Revisit this topic in 1-2 years.
#10Interventions to improve awareness and knowledge of bronchiectasis for healthcare professionalsScoping search report: bronchiectasis
  • Evidence gap - Cochrane review not appropriate at this stage
  • Revisit topic in 3-5 years

Table last updated: 6 OCtober 2020