Statement on Cochrane Airways funding

In August 2021 we learned that our National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funding will cease in March 2023. We are grateful to have benefitted from many years of stable funding from NIHR for the Cochrane Airways editorial team, based at St George’s University of London, who support the production of Cochrane Airways Reviews. We are disappointed because the huge group of people who make up Cochrane Airways round the world will lose the group that is holding us all together while we produce the Cochrane Reviews that are so important for decision-makers.

Cochrane is in the process of developing a new model, and you can join in that discussion here.

Cochrane is now inviting prospective authors to propose new Cochrane Reviews by submitting a proposal in Editorial Manager. Please see the Cochrane Library information for authors for further details.

We have developed a plan to fulfil our obligations to the funder and also to produce the best reviews that we can for the public in the time we have left.

As part of the new model, Cochrane is implementing a Central Editorial Service to streamline the editorial process. At the same time, from March 2023, Cochrane Review Groups in the UK will no longer receive NIHR funding. If you are an author currently writing a protocol, review, or update, we are working to ensure a smooth transition with minimal impact on your work.

We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to Cochrane Airways and very much hope that you will continue to give your time and expertise to Cochrane. We encourage you to look out for further communications about Cochrane's plans for the future and new opportunities to get involved. You can stay connected by: