Cochrane Governance Meeting, Lisbon 2018

In March this year Chris Cates (Cochrane Airways Joint Co-ordinating Editor) and I attended the Cochrane Governance meeting in Lisbon. The Cochrane Governance Meetings occur in March/April every year and provide an opportunity for Cochrane's governing board and executive groups to meet and agree the organisation's strategic priorities. This year the focus was mainly on the new network structure that has been created in Cochrane.  We were introduced to some of the recently appointed Senior Network Editors and participated in a number of small group discussion on a variety of topics such as prioritisation of reviews and new NIHR Network Fellowship posts. We hope to hear more about these new posts very soon. As well as the strategic session, Chris attended the Co-ordinating Editors' board meeting, and I attended the Cochrane Council meeting and the Information Specialists' executive meeting. The meeting was also a great opportunity to catch up with our colleagues from other Cochrane Review Groups, and to enjoy a little bit of Lisboa.

Liz Stovold, Information Specialist