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  • Task exchangeYou may have heard of Task Exchange, a platform Cochrane is developing that connects people who need help with their Cochrane reviews with people who have the time and expertise to help.I'm delighted to present to you the first version of the site which has just been released. This version is a prototype for the Task Exchange team to...
    October 16 2015
  • Chris, Emma, Liz and Kayleigh from the editorial base team and Milo Puhan and Brian Rowe from the editorial board will be attending to Cochrane Colloquium in Vienna 4 to 7 October 2015.We can be found at the ‘Meet the Groups’ session on Sunday 4 October at Lunchtime 12.30-14.00. We’re sharing a table with the other respiratory groups (Acute...
    September 30 2015
  • December 2017
    September 24 2015
  • Confusion about allergies is putting people needlessly at risk say experts and medical charities.In Making Sense of Allergies, a guide published by Sense About Science [1], allergy specialists and charities warn that essential information and life-saving actions are being diluted in a sea of over diagnosis. There has been a rapid rise in allergies...
    July 30 2015
  • Thomson Reuters publish the impact factors of all journals indexed in the ISI Journal Citation Report. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) impact factor for 2014 is 6.032. Find out more about how impact factors are calculated and how the impact factor for the CDSR has changed over time here.
    July 30 2015
  • Want to work on a Cochrane Review you have a passion for? What happens if you don’t know of any appropriate co-authors? Like many before her, Cochrane Airways author Rawabi Aljadani faced this problem and has turned to social media to find a match. Find out how Rawabi created a Cochrane Review team with the help of social media.
    July 30 2015
  • Filtering the information overload for better decisions Every day we are bombarded with an exponentially increasing quantity of information. In the background, data are being collected, stored, saved, and sometimes hidden in such quantities that our ability to process the data – to produce valid interpretations of its meaning or usefulness -...
    July 30 2015
  • The main focus of our work is to provide a comprehensive overview of RCTs in asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases. Cochrane Airways encompasses everyone who is involved in the production of good-quality systematic reviews - the editorial team and our established network of authors and editors. Cochrane Airways evidence underpins...
    July 30 2015


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