Priority-setting plans 2019

Cochrane Airways announce a priority-setting exercise to identify the key review topics across the whole of our scope. We are looking for the most important new topics in respiratory research as well as where our existing reviews need to be updated to reflect the most up-to-date evidence.

We have planned two main strands of priority-setting. The first is an open consultation called ‘your lungs, your questions’ where anyone can submit a question about respiratory health – launching next week. The second is a rolling program to consider the key new questions and updates of reviews from our existing work scanning for new research.

We plan to put together an advisory group made up of stakeholders such as health care professionals, patients and researchers. The group will work together with the Cochrane Airways Editorial team to identify possible review titles from the survey questions, and then rank them in terms of priority. They will also work on prioritising review topics identified in ongoing work every six months. We aim to complete the survey and rank the results of the survey and the first round of the rolling program by December 2019.

We will add reviews identified as a priority to the Cochrane priority reviews list and consider applying to the Fast Track and Cochrane Review Support Programme in collaboration with the Circulation and Breathing network.

Read the full plan here.

We will be launching the survey and opening applications for the priority-setting group before the end of July 2019 – watch this space!