'All together to end COPD' - World COPD Day, 20 November 2019

We have curated this Special Collection for people who live with COPD, for those caring for people with COPD, and for healthcare professionals. The Collection brings together a series of Cochrane Reviews addressing COPD, aligned with the theme of World COPD Day 2019: ‘All together to end COPD’. The reviews have been selected to address COPD care and management proactively, and they are organized in sections on ‘Helping people support themselves’ and ‘Exercise for life’, where interventions address self-care via exercise and a mind-body approach. Breathlessness is a major symptom of COPD, which the Collection also addresses under ‘Medical treatments and devices’, including treatments with inhalers. These reviews are free to access for anyone.

This Special Collection brings together Cochrane Reviews from Cochrane Airways and Cochrane Common Mental Disorders.  We thank the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department for their help with showcasing our work.